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Hello friends! We are Maddy & Sascha, originally from Germany, we’ve always been fascinated with travel, savouring new food, getting out of our comfort zone by trying new things and taking on a challenge. Each of us already caught the travel bug before we met for the first time in 2014 and had travelled quite a bit or lived abroad. Both having an unquenched hunger to see more of planet earth. 

While Maddy was planting the seeds for the idea of taking a break from “normal” life to see the world right from the beginning, Sascha brought in the passion for videography and we both ended up binge watching vloggers like Casey Neistat. All combined the idea of sharing all the cool things we would experience around the world every single day grew on us!

After needing to postpone our world travel plans in 2020 (we all know why), at one point in 2021 we decided not to wait any longer & start our adventure as soon as possible no matter the obstacles. Planning to travel for one year to countries that were open at that time. Long story short: In November 2021, we sold all of our belongings, quit our “safe” jobs and began traveling the world full-time, documenting it all in travel vlogs on YouTube.

About halfway through the year, we realised this is in fact the life we always dreamed of and we weren’t ready to stop traveling after the first year. There were so many more countries opening up, the world became accessible again and our list of countries we wanted to visit grew bigger and bigger every day. 

Now we have the goal of traveling to 100 countries by 2025, our biggest dream is to make our YouTube Channel a sustainable source to be able to keep traveling and inspire other people with our journey to go for their own (travel) dreams. We are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day!



For years we’ve watched many vloggers on YouTube imagining what it would be like to give this cool job a shot. Even though we never got encouraged, even got negative responses from quite some people at home back then, we gave it a shot. We went for “crazy” and we love it. The result you can find on our channel. 😉

With that said we can answer another question that’s popping up frequently: Isn’t the filming & editing exhausting and takes away from the experience? Actually it adds to the experience! We met so many great people because of the filming. We get into contact with interested locals, because of the filming. And we think it’s a nice way to stay productive while traveling, learn something new that we’re absolutely passionate about, challenge ourselves and it will be fun to look back on these videos someday. Plus: If we can inspire you with our videos to do something “crazy” yourself, it would be the biggest gift for us.

WHAT DID YOU DO FOR WORK before traveling?

We both worked in bigger companies as engineers for years.  Maddy as a mechanical engineer and Sascha as an IT-consultant. Well let’s say it’s not been the fulfilment, that we hoped for in our lives. The rest is history.

To put back more money for this trip, we sold almost everything and worked in our old jobs until we thought we have enough travel budget to get started.


We work hard to keep our complete budget at an average of 100€/day (108$/day)  for both of us over a year. This figure includes the total cost of all our transportation, accommodations, food, activities, insurances – literally everything we spent on traveling.

It’s an average, which means we may spend 100€ for a flight per Person or 50€/day for both of us living very decently in a budget country like Thailand or Vietnam. 

We are working on a full in depth expense and income report of our first year of travel for you. As soon as it is ready you can use it to get a full picture of our expenses.


We met beginning of 2014, got together end of 2014, moved in together at the beginning of 2015 and married August 2021. Now we are trying to be business partners as well. So far: Still happily married. 😉

What is the hardest part about your travels?

Puhh…what a question, but many have asked First of all we want to tell you, that we are super happy to be able to do what we are doing. It is such a privilege and we wouldn’t trade it for anything! But you asked for the things that are hard, we answer honestly:

So to be very honest we think the hardest part is not being with our cat Felix, we miss him every day. Especially Maddy.  

Right after that comes the money: To be honest it is sometimes hard to see the money running out and not see anything come in, yet.

Last but not least: The negative reactions we got from parts of our friends & family when we told them about our plans of traveling the world and also the non-supportive comments on us starting a YouTube-Channel, plus doing it in English. To be fair there are friends & family who support us and have a lot of love for what we do. Let’s just say our journey around the world definitely changed the contacts we had/ have at home. Some are deeper, some are more loose. And coping with it was a big part of our first year of travel. But negative comments from other people should never keep you from doing what you love! We keep going, we love what we are doing and we found so many great new friends along the way who share the same passions and ambitions that we do. That is the greatest gift of all. Love you guys!


If you like a full list of our vlogging & editing gear you can click here. We prepared a full list with links for you.

Plus, we published an article of everything that’s in our luggage! Click here to get a list of every single item we own.

Or head over to this article to get our best recommendations regarding travel gear, that we never want to live without ever again and that will make your own travel life easier as well.


For now, we finance our travels mostly with our savings and partnerships. We hope to make a more significant figure with YouTube and Buy Me a Coffee in the future to help us keep traveling. If you want to keep us on the road you can support here

We are working on a full in depth expense and income report of our first year of travel for you. As soon as it’s ready you can use it to get a full picture of our expenses and income.

Why did you start an english channel? aren't you german?

There’s a plethora of reasons why we decided to do our channel in English instead of German. And to be fair it was not a decision of comfort. We definitely went way out of our comfort zone by starting an English YouTube ChannelSince we both aren’t native speakers and Maddy was a F-student in English in school. But it just felt right to give it shot anyway and here is why:

1. We only watch English YouTube ourselves and (almost) never German Channels. We feel like the style, attitude and the community are very different in both languages and we just feel  more at home in the English YT community. We were also watching all our movies & series in English at this point and it started to feel like the language we love the most.

2. We wanted to share our experience with ALL our friends. We have a lot of international friends, who can’t speak German, we have strong connections to the USA (we both have friends and family there) and we made even more international friends along the way. To be able to share our adventure with all of them we needed to be in english.

3. We were up for the challenge. The thought of doing everything in English just came naturally to us and after a bit of back and forth we decided we are up of the challenge to improve our English during our travels. It seemed like another opportunity to grow on. Just a little layer to spice up our timeout from home and everything we’ve known for decades. 

We thought about switching back to German multiple times, but we always end up feeling that it wouldn’t be right for us and the Channel. Maybe we start a German Podcast one day…or maybe in English…who knows.

Why do you love traveling so much?

We think traveling is one of the best things in the world to get rid of (wrong) perceptions about the world, people and yourself, to wander and wonder, you can loose and find yourself or simply enjoy the wonders of this world we all share as a home. 

Our passion is to share all  wonders this world has to offer and our personal journey traveling takes us through it with you. 

Who knows, maybe we’re able to make you start your own adventure with the help of our Channel? That seriously would be the most wonderful thing, that could happen and would be the biggest compliment of all.

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